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Door Automation

Here at The Real Garage Door Centres, we can automate your existing garage door for you, providing the ultimatein sophistication and elegance.  whether you use your garage for your car, for storage or as a work or living environment, we can automate a huge variety of garage doorsand have the skill and experience necessary to automate your existing garage door, ensuring a finish of the most superior standard.

Automated doors can even feature the luxury of remote controlled operation - imagine never having to get out of your car to open the door on a cold and wet morning.

All Automated doors installed by us also have great safety benefits.  We understand that garages are often used to store valuable items, so when you close one of these doorsthey instantly lock and can only be re-opened with the key or remote control.  the obstructionguards we fit also ensure that nothing can be trapped in the mechanism.

We also offer many accesories such as additional hand transmitters, finger print scanners, and wireless keypads to complement your new automated garage door.

Our engineers can automate your door to the highest quality at an affordable price! So if you are considering automating your existing or a new garage door, contact the team at The Real Garage Door Centres.


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