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Roller Doors

A timeless classic, the single skinned Roller door offers convenience along with practicality.  Spring assisted, these doors are light and easy to open, plus all have the option of remote control.  Factory fiited motors or retro fit upgrades turn these doors into push button operation.  The continuous curtain is very stong, yet flexible enough to coil around the door barrel.  A neat smooth mid grey inner face is simple to keep clean and reflects light into the garage.  Colourful finishes really make this a versatile choice - 16 classic colours and woodgrains, coat the outer surface of the door and patented rib profile is very pleasing to the eye.  Apart form admiring the finish of the door, you will rarely notice your door, so effortless and light is the operation of the spring assisted door curtain.  Strength of the door is matched with twin solid locking bars for a secure closure.  A Mini Roller option is also available for Garages with less headroom. 


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