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Insulated Roller Door

The outside of the door is simply stunning, the inside equally impressive.  Whether you choose a powder coated door with matching guides and box or a laminated door with Mocca brown guides and box, the installation is incredibly neat and compact, no wasted space inside your garage.  

Roller garage doors operate vertically, rolling into a compact coil within the garage, above the opening.  Not only does this mean you can park right upto the garage door, but valuable space is not taken up inside your garage which could be used for storage.  The door sits behind the brickwork allowing any existing frame to be removed increasing drive through width by upto 150mm (6").

Because it rolls tighter than any other roller door, there is only 300mm of headroom required.

Externally fitted doors are available in all colour options, although laminate colours are not available with matching guides and boxes.


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