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Marklux Awning


Markilux products are designed to be timeless.  Trendy and classic lines united in the perfect products for your home.  Reputable designers have created beauty in both the technology and the textile.


Markilux awnings did not come into being by chance.  In each of our products you will find technical innovations crafted for a particular application.  We try to anticipate the requirements to tomorrow and satisfy them today.


Marklilux developments are dynamic.  We think long term as Markilux customers should be able to enjoy their products for years to come.  Many of the ideas we have can be retro-fitted to already existing products.  This makes our products very long lasting indeed.


Markilux technology is designed to last for a small eternity.  The materials used meet the highest standards to ensure problem free operation for many years.


Highest standards and certificates of independent testing institutes document our commitment to quality.


Markilux, dedicated to craftmanship.  Our partners near you are craftsmen when it comes down to the sale and fixture of awnings.


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